Disha is committed to providing education to customers on the proper use of consumer credit as well as basic money management skills helping them stay financially healthy.

We endeavour to assist the vulnerable and disadvantaged consumer in financial crisis by analyzing their situation, counselling and advising, and providing options.

Disha Financial Counselling is a free and confidential service. Our financial counsellors are well-trained, supportive and caring, and we treat people with dignity and respect.

Who do we help?

Our clients come from all walks of life, each with their own set of financial issues. We can help whether you are in the midst of financial difficulties or a crisis, or simply wishing to avoid a crisis.

For example, you may:

  • Want to learn about financial products and product features
  • Want to know more about how to invest
  • Have a difficulty paying debts
  • Have budgeting problems

What happens?

Our financial counsellors will:

  • Listen in a non-judgmental and caring manner
  • Analyze and assess your financial situation
  • Give you information about credit and debt issues
  • Involve you in the process as much as possible
  • Work with you to develop a plan to improve your situation
  • Refer you to other assistance if necessary Please note that DISHA does not lend money or provide material aid.

Why seek help?

It's best to seek help early so your problems dont get out of control. Most financial problems only get worse unless you seek help.

Financial counseling can help relieve your stress, resolve your immediate financial problems and help you plan for the future.